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Self-Paced Medical Imaging Courses

了解一些小学后认证类别中art批准的课程. Each self-paced course is one semester long and 100% online.


Dual Degree Options

我们的双学位课程让你不用花很多时间在课堂上就能专攻. 在医学成像或社区健康学士学位的基础上提高你的放射学副学士学位.

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A Unique Blend of Theory, Practice, and Clinical Exposure

The Clarkson College Radiography program is truly unique. 一年级学生在校园内上课,完成理论和实验课程. 实验课程的学生与教师的比例为4:5:1,并在晚上和周末提供无限制的实验时间. Second year students spend their time in the clinical environment. 从一级创伤中心到农村医院再到门诊诊所,有超过28个不同的临床地点轮转. 课程确保学生有进入临床设置所需的基础和原则. Enroll now 并准备好在临床导师和技术人员的指导下与患者一起工作. 

Fast-Track Your Future: Dual Degrees and Diverse Specializations

You can earn an Associate degree in radiography and a Bachelor's in medical imaging with no required prerequisites. This program feature is exclusive to Clarkson College. 你可以在第一学期后开始你的学士学位课程. 学生通常在两年内完成副学士学位,在1-2个学期内完成学士学位. Specialization options include CT, MRI, mammography, cardiac/vascular imaging, leadership, and 3D printing. Enroll in the dual degree program and save time.


News about the Radiography & Medical Imaging Program

Learn more about our program, students, and alumni.



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New Scholarship Honors Radiography Alumna and Faculty Member

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ARRT Requirements

美国放射技师注册协会(ARRT)最近宣布了对初级证书候选人在注册认证考试之前必须满足的要求的变更. 所有考生现在必须完成与其感兴趣的领域相关的16小时结构化教育(见下面列出的模式)。. Upon successful completion of this requirement, 考生必须在24个月内参加委员会考试.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Computed Tomography
  • Cardiac-Interventional Radiography
  • Vascular-Interventional Radiography
  • Mammography
  • Bone Densitometry


Radiography students learning new skills